The Pokemon card artist ‘taking the border off the artwork’

A Pokemon card of Pikachu, beside a painting on the same card. The name of the Pokemon, and other similar information, has been painted over to extend the landscape to feature grass, trees and a flowing river with a waterfall.Image copyright@Lunumbra/The Pokemon Company
Image caption Pikachu has been synonymous with Pokemon since the TV show began in 1997

“It’s become my everything.”

Micah Yates is a 25-year-old art graduate living in Berea, Kentucky. She graduated from college in 2016 and set up shop at home.

All of her paintings can be found in an online gallery where she is known as Instagram artist Lunumbra.

And with her paintings sometimes selling for upwards of $300 (£230) a piece, you might be surprised to hear that she found her success painting Pokemon cards.

A Pokemon card of Vulpix, beside a painting on the same card. The name of the Pokemon and other similar information has been painted over to extend the landscape, creating a snowy scene with a frozen river and tall trees.Image copyrightLunumbra/The Pokemon Company
Image caption Micah takes Pokemon cards and paints over them, using the card itself as the canvas to extend the original artwork.

“I started in 2014 when I was going to school for art,” Micah explained. “I had just gotten into a card game called Magic: The Gathering.