Spilled coffee forces plane to divert over Atlantic

A cup holder (left) and audio control panels (APC) 1 and 2Image copyrightAAIB
Image caption The report detailed the type of cup holder in the cockpit, and the control panels damaged

A passenger aircraft with 337 people on board was forced to divert in February after the pilot spilled coffee on the controls panel, UK investigators say.

The Airbus A330-243 from Frankfurt, Germany, to Cancun, Mexico, had to land in Shannon, Ireland, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) reports.

This was because the pilots’ audio control panels (ACP) started melting and there was smoke in the cockpit.

The pilots had to use oxygen masks. There were no injuries.

The AAIB does not identify which company operated the flight during the accident on 6 February 2019.