Ryanair boss calls for extra checks on Muslim men at airports

Michael O'Leary says Muslim men should be profiled at airports as 'bombers' will 'generally be of a Muslim persuasion'.

Coronavirus epidemic: Wuhan residents ordered to remain indoors

One month after Wuhan sealed off its borders. The city’s millions of residents have been ordered to stay indoors.

Nevada caucuses: What to expect in the next step to take...

The race to decide who will take on Donald Trump in November's election resumes on Saturday.

Confusion in Cambodia amid questions over virus on cruise ship

Malaysia declares woman from ship docked in Cambodia virus free amid anger over Hun Sen decision to welcome passengers.

Sleeping in orbit & surviving Russian winter: Rakesh Sharma, first Indian...

Preview Four Indian astronauts are now training in Russia ahead of their nation’s first manned space mission. Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian in space, shared with RT his memories of braving Russian winters and going into orbit in 1984.
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US election 2020: Sanders ‘told of Russian effort to aid his...

The Democratic senator denounces reported efforts by Russia to assist his presidential campaign.

EU poised to create massive transatlantic facial-recognition database, link with US

Preview The EU is laying the groundwork for a massive international facial recognition database that may someday hook into the one maintained by the US, according to leaked internal documents.
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Wallis Simpson’s hard lessons for Harry and Meghan

What the Sussexes could learn from the miserable exile of Edward VIII and his demonised US lover.

US election 2020: What do young voters want in Nevada?

Voters born after 1980 had the lowest turnout rate in 2016. What will get them to the polls?

Politics and protest at São Paulo’s street parties

This year São Paulo, Brazil's biggest city, is hosting hundreds of street parties known as 'blocos'.

Trump in India: A brief history of US presidents’ trips

Ahead of President Trump's first state visit to India, here's a look at how his predecessors fared.

Crossing Divides: What happens when pen pals reunite

Girls from very different backgrounds reconnect after three years to address India's divisions.

Hanau shooting: Why Germany’s far-right AfD is blamed over racist violence

The anti-Islam AfD is accused of fuelling racist violence, amid German shock at the Hanau killings.

Crash Landing on You: The defector who brought North-South Korean romance...

Hit drama Crash Landing on You was made possible by the key insights of one North Korean defector.

Italy locks down TEN towns after 1st coronavirus death as cases...

Preview Public spaces across 10 Italian cities have been placed on lockdown, as the first Italian patient succumbed to the illness, amid a spate of new coronavirus cases – bringing the total in the country to 17 infections.
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