Pregnant at Oxford University: Juggling motherhood with studying

You’re studying at one of the world’s top universities and then you get pregnant. What happens next?
Emily, Beth, Jithu and AswathyImage copyrightRichard Cave
Image caption Emily and Aswathy both had children while studying at Oxford

Most undergraduates spend their first year at university learning how to stand on their own feet away from home, making new friends, and spending a fair few hours in the bar. But what happens if you get pregnant? Two women share their experience of being young mothers at Oxford.

Emily’s story

Full name: Emily Beater

Degree: English literature and language, St Anne’s College, Oxford

I never got freshers’ flu – I had morning sickness instead. While other students were drinking too much and kissing strangers, I sat in my room, wondering what to do about the embryo inside me.

That morning, I’d been sitting with my friends in a freshers’ week talk where they told us how privileged we were to be at Oxford. An hour later, I was holding a positive pregnancy test.