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HighlinerImage copyrightJohny Cook
Image caption A team of highliners undertook the challenge above Gardyloo Gully

The setting of a new record for the UK’s highest altitude highline has been revealed in a series of images.

A team of highliners completed their challenge 1,344m (4,409ft) above Gardyloo Gully on Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain, on 6 May.

HighlinerImage copyrightJohny Cook
Image caption The team beat a record they had previously set

Highlining involves walking between two points on a flat piece of cable called webbing. Safety harnesses prevent highliners from falling to the ground if they lose their balance.

Sheffield-born Sarah Rixham, a previous holder of the world-record for the longest female highline, was part of the team.

She has described highlining giving her a feeling of being “free and floating” and that she always feels safe, even when she loses her balance.