Reality TV bosses ask for help to pick contestants who can cope

Rosie Williams (R) and some of the class of 2018 fulfil their media commitmentsImage copyrightGetty Images
Image caption Love Island’s Rosie Williams (right) said she “struggled” dealing with “trolls”

Two TV bosses have called for an independent regulator to decide whether people are fit to appear on reality TV.

Jonathan Stadlen, who makes shows like GPs: Behind Closed Doors, said psychological tests should not be paid for by the people making the shows.

He warned of a conflict of interest if programme-makers take those decisions.

Former Big Brother boss Steve Regan agreed there should be “an independent body in the middle of all of us who are making those assessments”.

A committee of MPs is currently carrying out an inquiry into reality TV following the deaths of a former Jeremy Kyle Show guest and two ex-contestants on Love Island.