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How podcasts went from unlistenable to unmissable

Podcasting has come of age, with today’s increasingly slick productions attracting big advertising money.
Ben HammerseleyImage copyrightBen Hammersley
Image caption Ben Hammerseley who inadvertently christened the podcast

One night 15 years ago journalist Ben Hammersley was on a deadline at the Guardian newspaper, writing a column on internet radio blogs.

He filed the piece and then, just as he was packing up, got a last minute call from the subs desk (the team that give stories a final check).

“They said: ‘We need one more sentence – just to fill the page,'” the British writer says.

“So I wrote something pompous like: ‘And what should we call this new phenomenon – audioblogs? How about podcasts?'”

A few months later Ben received a call from the Oxford English Dictionary.