Advocates promote planetary defense mission ahead of ESA ministerial

Hera at Didymos

A group of planetary defense advocates is asking European governments to fund a mission to a near Earth asteroid, three years after a similar mission failed to win approval.

U.S. Space Command eager to hand over space traffic duties to...

Maj. Gen. Stephen Whiting said the transfer of space traffic management responsibilities can't happen until Commerce gets the necessary resources.

Lockheed Martin receives $3.3B contract for work on Air Force classified...

The 10-year contract is for operations and support of the Advanced Extremely High Frequency, Milstar and Defense Satellite Communications System constellations.

Exos blames suborbital launch accident on structural failure

Exos crash

Exos Aerospace said the failed launch of a reusable suborbital sounding rocket last month was caused by a structural failure of the rocket shortly after liftoff.

Inspector general report says NASA risks losing access to the ISS...

Souiz MS-14

NASA’s inspector general warned in a new report that, because of commercial crew delays, utilization of the International Space Station will drop sharply in 2020 and that NASA runs the risk of losing access entirely by next fall.

EchoStar, fresh off Helios Wire acquisition, orders S-band smallsats from Tyvak

EchoStar has ordered two tiny S-band satellites from Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems to jumpstart a low-Earth-orbit constellation using spectrum gained through its October acquisition of IoT startup Helios Wire.

NASA inspector general criticizes additional Boeing commercial crew payments

CST-100 Starliner in orbit

NASA paid Boeing nearly $300 million more than originally planned in its commercial crew contract in part because of agency concerns that the company might drop out of the program, a new report claims.

Air Force: SSA is no more; it’s ’Space Domain Awareness’

SDA is the new term replacing Space Situational Awareness, according to an Oct. 4 memo from Air Force Space Command.

Loft Orbital raises $13 million as it prepares to bulk buy...

Loft Orbital has raised a fresh $13 million to continue development of a constellation of small satellites purpose-built to carry a mix of payloads for customers who don’t want to fly their own satellites.

House committee raises doubts about Artemis

With growing bipartisan skepticism that NASA’s current plan to return humans to the moon by 2024 is achievable, members of the House Science Committee used a Nov. 13 hearing to advocate for a different, and arguably more conventional, approach.

SpaceX tests Crew Dragon abort thrusters

SuperDraco test

SpaceX successfully tested Nov. 13 the thrusters used as part of the abort system for its Crew Dragon spacecraft, nearly seven months after a similar test resulted in the loss of another spacecraft.

Senate committee approves NASA authorization bill


The Senate Commerce Committee approved Nov. 13 a NASA authorization bill introduced a week earlier to extend the life of the International Space Station and support other agency programs.

Air Force funding keeps Launcher development on track

Launcher won its first government funding when the U.S. Air Force awarded the the Brooklyn-based startup $1.5 million to accelerate development and testing of its E-2 rocket engine.

HASC Chairman: Legislation to create a Space Force in 2020 ‘still...

Chairman Adam Smith said House-Senate divide is deepening over the establishment of a Space Force

LeoSat, absent investors, shuts down

Mark Rigolle, CEO of LeoSat, told SpaceNews Nov. 13 that the company laid off all 13 employees — himself included — in August after its earlier investors decided not to fund the company any longer.